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Spring-loaded 3-wire RTD Probes (with connection head) PT1000

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  • Brand:    YY
  • Type:    YY-PT1000
  • RTD Probe
    • Spring-loaded for positive tip contact in thermowells
    • PT1000  1000 Ω platinum RTD 3-wire element
    • Class A accuracy
    • 1/4" diameter, 316 SS sheath to protect against harsh environments
    • 3-wire RTD element encased in alumina powder insulation provides excellent vibration dampening and heat transfer
    • 6" probe, 12" probe or 18" probe lengths

  • Connection Head
    • Cast aluminum NEMA 4 screw cover head with captive gasket
    • One turn cover removal & installation eliminates cross threading and saves time
    • 3/4" NPT conduit opening with internal stop to prevent overtightening and installation damage
    • Gripping ribs on cover edge
    • Stainless steel cover chain

  • Wiring
    • Ceramic terminal base
    • Brass terminals with stainless steel screws eliminate the need to wrap connections around screws
    • Elevated terminal block for easy wire termination

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